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Combined Building & Pest Inspection

Two Inspections in one.

A Building Inspection will look at all areas and provide detailed findings and recommendations regarding major defects. Areas inspected include: roof exterior , roof interior, building exterior, Building Interior, Subfloor Areas, External structures such as decks and pergolas, Landscaping, Site & Fences.

Our inspectors will make a structural appraisal and consider the ‘whole structure’.

We check bathrooms, showers, taps, Kitchens, laundries, windows and doors.

We make general comment on building services such as plumbing, electrical, gas, water, air conditioning & drainage.

We look for site drainage issues and check retaining walls.

We comment on workmanship, incomplete items & safety hazards.

Common defects include leaking showers, leaking roofs, structural problems such as cracks, inadequate footings & piers, rising damp, roof tile deterioration, structural termite damage, failed retaining walls and site drainage issues.

The inspectors can prioritise any issues for you in a simple, ‘non-jargon’ way. If you have additional questions or need further clarification, our inspectors are always happy to chat with you on the phone.

A Pest Inspection, or ‘Timber Pest Inspection’ will look for pests capable of causing economic and structural damage to buildings, such as Termites, wood borers and wood decay fungi.

Termites and termite damage are very common in the Sydney area. Our inspectors use special inspection procedures and the latest technology to look for termites, structural termite damage, and conditions conducive to termite attack. We will look for termite protection systems and make recommendations for treatments and inspections.

Wood decay fungi, or ‘wood rot’ actually causes more economic damage than termites. All external timber structures such as decks, pergolas, balconies and handrails are prone to decay and failure. Wood decay fungi can also affect internal areas such as wet areas, floors, windows and doors, joinery etc.  Where a timber balcony is elevated this can be a serious safety hazard. Sadly there have been numerous balcony failures in Australia in recent years.

Timber borers are also surprisingly common in building elements such as floor boards, framing timbers and joinery.

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Building and Pest Inspections & Report covers:

Brick wall light yellow

Structural Problems including

Comment on the general structural condition of the building. Issues such as cracking, settlement, building movement, failed piers, installation defects etc.

Termite damaged wood

Serious Safety Hazards

Your property can be dangerous. Asbestos, loose fill insulation, lead paint, electrical / fire hazards, Creosote, faulty balconies, non-compliant pool fences are 'every day' for building inspectors. These issues can be costly.

Gray tiled floor

Major Defects

All properties have issues. We will report on anything that shouldn't be there, OR anything that will need to be fixed or upgraded. Often one issue will affect others.

Room with brick walls

Drainage Issues

Whilst we are not licensed plumbers, our inspectors can alert you to any potential drainage issues. Poor drainage can cause a wide range of problems such as damp or water damage, mould and mildew, attract termites, cause wood decay damage. Drainage upgrades can be a large hidden cost.

House with a path that leads to the door

New Home Inspection - Poor workmanship or incomplete items

A new Home inspection is slightly different from a standard building & pest inspection. We look more at minor defects, incomplete items of work, poor workmanship, things that are likely to cause problems in the future. We also look at the Termite Protection System and any issues pertaining to warranty or risk.

Termite viewed through a magnifying glass

Signs of Timber Pests including, Termites, Decay & Borers

Termites are extremely common in the Sydney and can cause significant structural or economic damage. Wood decay funghi causes even more economic damage than termites. We check balconies, handrails etc for safety hazards.

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Please use this Booking Form to book your Building & Pest Inspection. Our office will contact you shortly to arrange the details.

Book an inspection

Please use this Booking Form to book your Building & Pest Inspection. Our office will contact you shortly to arrange the details.