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Subterranean Termites are capable of causing significant structural & economic damage.

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Timber Pest Inspection

A ‘Timber Pest Inspection‘ OR ‘Pest Inspection‘ as it is usually called, is strongly recommended in the Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong, Central Coast areas. Termites are a major problem that can cause significant structural and economic damage. During a pest inspection we look for: Live termites, evidence of past Termite activity, structural damage, any nests or conditions conducive to Termite attack. We check existing Termite Management Systems, past Termite treatments and any warranty considerations.

We also look for Wood decay Fungi, which whilst not as ‘evocative’ as a termite infestation, wood decay can cost more to fix in the long run and be a major safety hazard, such as collapsing balconies. We check timber decks, pergolas, balconies, handrails, steps, carports etc for problems.

Timber Borers can cause damage to structural and decorative timbers and should be identified in case treatment or repair is required.

Our pest inspectors are very experienced and use a series of specialised inspection procedures AND the latest technology to look for termites, structural termite damage, and conditions conducive to termite attack. We will also make recommendations for treatments and inspections.

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A Timber Pest Inspection covers pests capable of causing structural damage:

Termite hazard map in Australia

Termites are prolific in the Sydney area

The dark brown area on the map indicates the second highest risk area for termites in Australia. This area includes Sydney, Newcastle & Wollongong.

Subterranean Termites

Subterranean Termites

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Wood decay fungi

Collapsed floors - Wood decay fungi

Wood decay can cause significant structural damage. On first inspection, the damage looks like Termite damage. In fact the damage has been caused extensive wood decay fungi.

Wood that has been damaged by termites

We will locate structural termite damage

Termites often travel vertically in buildings and damage can be located inside roofs. A thorough inspection of the roof interior is essential.

Subterranean management termite system installation notice

Termite Management Systems

Modern buildings should have a Termite management system. We can advise on any possible issues relating to the system and make recommendations for future treatments and inspections.

View through the thermal chamber

Thermal Camera is recommended

A thermal camera is a powerful diagnostic tool that can assist in locating termite activity. This image

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Please use this Booking Form to book your Building & Pest Inspection. Our office will contact you shortly to arrange the details.

Book an inspection

Please use this Booking Form to book your Building & Pest Inspection. Our office will contact you shortly to arrange the details.