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Leaking Showers & Repair Options

Leaking showers are one of the most common building defects found during a Building Inspection.

A shower recess relies on a waterproof membrane located below the tiles to prevent water penetration to the surrounding areas. This membrane is usually just a paint on acrylic or polyurethane paint. Building elements move at a different rate, such as floor and wall sections. This movement inevitably compromises the membrane causing leaks. Installation defects with the membrane are also a common contributing factor to leaking. Areas such as corners, junctions, around services etc are all common areas for leaks to develop.

Leaking shower

Moisture meters are used during all inspections

A full replacement of the waterproof membrane is recommended to rectify the leaking permanently. This involves a full bathroom renovation.

However there are a number of ‘partial’ or temporary repairs available such as sealant systems installed over the tiles. Leaking can re-occur.

A standard bathroom renovation can cost upwards from $15K-$25K.

A partial membrane repair such as re-tiling the shower area only can cost around $2K.

A shower sealant repair should cost under $1K.

Always obtain a written warranty for any repairs.